Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mind over Mud at the Swamp Romp!

Brandon and I did a 5 miler race called the Swamp Romp last Saturday. It was on the marine base in Kaneohe and the track was part of their basic training corse. Swamp romp for sure. We spent at least half of the run slopping through mud or wading waste deep through muddy, stinky water. Within minutues of crossing the start line we were covered in slime and flith. I haven't been that dirty since I was a kid - actually maybe never. We had a rockin good time sloshing and jumping, crawling over obstacle walls, strugglng in sand, and then dipping in the ocean.

At about mile 4 I had so much mud in my shoes that I felt like my toes were sitting in a mud and sand mold. It became easier to run in the water (to loosen the mud) than to run with club feet on hard ground. At one point I got a rock in my shoe - which scraped up and down my heal with each step.

Toes sore, muscles tried, stamina gone, we crossed the finish line arm and arm. At that point we welcomed the blast of the fire hose, un-duct-taped our shoes from our pants and walked a mile back to the car barefoot.

Can't wait to do it all again next year. Enjoy the pics!


Hannah said...

I am so jealous! This looks like a blast! So glad you guys are enjoyinh your time out there (not like that's difficult to do in Hawaii:))!

HandyHoney said...

Love it! So did you rent your house out this winter? Or was it too smoky?

hannah said...

you'll be tough as nails now! It remonds me of a run that the boys did in high school. loved the pics!

hannah said...

oops, that comment from "hannah" is really from mom--i'm on her computer