Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Friends & Family,

Well, our biggest news in 2008 is that we are currently pregnant with TWINS! (Well, technically Sarah is. She deserves all of the credit for what she is and will be going through in the coming months). We will be having a boy and girl around the first of March.

The days are ticking down and we are really excited for the new addition(s) to our family. We are jumping right into the family thing with both feet. We haven’t decided on any names yet, but the only ones that we both agree on so far are Pebbles and Bam-Bam. We’ll keep you posted!

Well, it has been another fun and eventful year in the Frank home. Sarah is about 2/3 done with her grad degree at BYU. She still teaches voice lessons and loves to see her students growing and making progress. She also started a new afterschool singing/dancing program at elementary schools called “Studio Kids.”

When she isn’t working or studying, she can be found song writing, singing, and a recent hobby called, “nesting.” Each night before bed, Sarah will gather all of the blankets from the house and make a large circle-like “nest” in our bed. She will then coo for a few minutes before snuggling in to sleep. Odd? Yes, but at least she’s not regurgitating worms! She has had a lot of fun quilting and getting things ready for the babies’ room.

Brandon is still building his real estate investment business. His company bought several houses this year, and amidst the turmoil and bad news about the economy and the real estate market, he has found many great opportunities and continues to push himself and his business to new levels. He loves what he does and has recently been involved in some land developing, commercial and land holding projects.

Brandon also competed in a triathlon recently. He pushed himself as hard as he could. The highlight for everyone was watching him exit the pool (three laps from the finish line) to stop, catch his breath, vomit, and then jump back in to finish the race. Although he lost some time in the puke-fest, he still believes he made up for it in increased speed, due to his lightened load.

Sarah and Brandon both turned the big 30 this year. They also took one more Hawaiian surf trip and spent time with family at both Bear Lake and the Oregon Coast.

We love you all so much and hope everything is well with you! We hope this year has been full of fun, love, joy and peace. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, we wish you all the very Merriest Christmas!


Brandon & Sarah Frank
(and soon to be Peb’s & Bamy)