Friday, October 3, 2008

Simply Peachy!

Peaches, Peaches and more Peaches (oh and some apples, bananas, mangos and strawberries too)! My sister-in-law and mom-in-law went peach picking and brought home 9 boxes of ripe and incredibly sweet peaches. We went to town canning and did over 150 jars! Last night, I decided to keep up this week's domestic theme and dry peaches, apples, mangos and strawberries. My back hurts from peeling and slicing, but the results are literally sweet!

Pickle me sour! So Brandon and I planted a garden with my sissy Hannah this year. We have cucumbers out our ears. So, Brandon gets this bright idea for me to can and pickle cucumbers while he watches the BYU game with a buddy! Just did 12 jars and I smell like vinegar!

Just got a call - the in-laws picked a tomato patch and the canning begins again tomorrow. Oh and they picked 6 more boxes of peaches too! Holy crazy! I've never canned or dried in my life so I guess I'm making up for it all in one week!

The Bump Says Pink & Blue!

So, we endeavored the Fetal Photo at the mall at 15 weeks to see if we could discover the gender of our babies. The technician was positive that we were having a boy, but was struggling to see the gender of the second baby because the umbilical chord was wrapped around the legs. After drinking some sugar and walking around the mall for an hour, the baby still hadn't changed position. So, we had to go back another day. To our absolute delight, the baby had changed position and low and behold - we've got ourselves a boy and a girl! We're elated! It's perfect! I can't wait to meet them and I'm so excited to get started on a pink and blue Hawaiian-style baby room. I pulled my sewing machine out yesterday for the first time in years and have already started making selves for baby bumpers!

I'm officially 17 weeks tomorrow (sorry for the belated news!) The bump is officially making an appearance! Love you pink and blue!