Sunday, February 13, 2011


Making up for lost time. This was Halloween 2010. Yabadabadoo!


Aloha! We've officially been in Hawaii now for three and a half weeks. I've got my tan established:-). The kids love the beach. It's so nice not to be cooped up with them with tons of snow outside. We live 50 paces from a mostly deserted beach and it's wonderful. Even Kade is one happy camper in the sand. He loves to grab fistfuls of it and get a mouthful now and then. The amazing part is that he doesn't cry... it's as if he likes to eat it. Weird.

The first week Jack and Jaz were kinda spooked of the water. The waves are small at our beach, but it was definitely enough to get them screaming. It's amazing how quickly they feel comfortable. They like to swim with us and run in and out of the waves. Jack mostly picks up twigs or rocks or whatever and throws them into the waves. He wrecks the sand castles Brandon makes for them and enjoys digging. Jaz just wanders around. They like to jump in the waves. Kade likes the waves too. I hold his little hands and let the waves wash over his ankles and knees. He squeals with glee and jumps up and down. It's so dang cute.